$12 in ’12!

You can now donate directly to BMTE through the web! Not only that, you can donate just like you do for NPR — small, automatic monthly donations — and you can get all the reporting forms for your taxes emailed to you directly.

Won’t you join us in donating $12 a month in 2012? The “$12 in ’12” program proceeds go to supporting our popular monthly new play reading series (no admission fees) and toward our full production of Appalachian Christmas Carol in December 2012, the first act of whichwas very well received this past December at Stuart’s Opera House. (Of course you may choose to support us at $15 or $50 or $150 a month if you like — we won’t be upset if you break the $12/month barrier, we swear!) Also, stay tuned: there will be special benefits to becoming a “$12 in ’12” member, such as “first look” previews of the 2012 full rendition of Appalachian Christmas Carol and other “Inside the Process” sneak peeks.

Donate to Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble through Network For Good

To donate (either a one time donation or on a monthly basis) simply click the button above and follow the instructions, or go to the support page. Network For Good, the donation processor, is also a not-for-profit entity; they make sure that 100% of your donation goes to BMTE.