(Click on the flyer to see it full sized.)

(Click on the flyer to see it full sized.)

Like many of you, the Monkeys were saddened by the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.  While Ms. Taylor might have been better known for her romantic entanglements, her collection of diamonds, and her fundraising for AIDS when most celebrities wouldn’t be associated with the illness, we want to remember her as the talented, risk-taking actress she was.We wondered:  how best can we honor Liz?  By raising a glass in her memory?  By revisiting a play that made her famous?  How about both!

Come join Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble for our next free public reading of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Click on the flyer to see it full sized.) The play, written by Edward Albee in 1961, has been described as one of the most important plays of the last 100 years.  It is a ruthless account of two marriages and the dangerous game they play one evening at a party.  The barbs and booze fly as George and Martha tear into each other, but as the evening progresses we discover the painful wounds their destructive games protect.  Newsweek called the play “a brilliantly original work of art–an excoriating theatrical experience, surging with shocks of recognition and dramatic fire that will be igniting Broadway for some time to come.”  Considering that statement was made fifty years ago, I’d say they were right!

The reading will be presented by Brick Monkey Theatre Ensemble, southeast Ohio’s professional theater company and will feature company members Dennis Delaney and Shelley Delaney, together with Beth Brown and Chris Young.

To honor the late Elizabeth Taylor, join Brick Monkey for a free reading of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at 7:30pm
The Dairy Barn Arts Center, Second Floor AEP Wing
8000 Dairy Barn Lane, Athens, OH

Admission to this event is Free

Wine bar will be available
Donations are appreciated