Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble is back from summer break and ready to present another free play reading!  September’s offering will be Garret Schneider’s play Swagger Like This.  Part of Brick Monkey’s mission is to develop new plays.  When we saw this play read in the 2009 Ohio University Seabury Quinn, Jr. Playwrights’ Festival, we were moved by the courage and joy of the lead character…Jonah.  Jonah is an 8th grader with a speech impediment, a physical handicap, and a burning need to rap in his school’s talent show.  Yet, his greatest obstacles to rap-stardom don’t come from his newly-formed ‘crew’ or from his disability, but rather from his parents who desperately want him to succeed.

The reading will be presented by the Brick Monkey Theatre Ensemble, southeast Ohio’s only professional theater company.  The reading will be directed by ensemble member David Haugen and will feature ensemble members Ledger Free and Rebecca VerNooy, and Zach Kopciak.