OCCUPATION at Brick Monkey

Part of Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble’s mission is to develop and produce new plays.  With three playwrights in the company, audiences have the rare opportunity to see professional theatrical works in their very early stages.  Because theater is such a collaborative process, a play doesn’t really become a play until it is up on its feet, with actors, a director, and designers, in front of an audience.  As theater artists, we consider the audience an invaluable part of the process!  And we want to invite you to join us in this process.


OCCUPATION takes place in America.

Almost now.

When, after a coordinated terrorist event, fear has persuaded us to trade in our personal freedoms for security.

An underground movement of young women calling themselves Civilians are strapping bombs to their backs and blowing up Government Officials.

Bombs are the new black.

Someone has to bury these dead girls.

Someone has to stand up for the Government Officials.

And someone has to tattoo the girl’s identity to her foot before she makes her delivery.


OCCUPATION, written by Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble’s Managing Director Merri Biechler, will be directed by Emily Prince and will feature ensemble members Janice Paxson Evans, Kate Scholl, Rebecca VerNooy, and Lorraine Wochna.

7pm, Tuesday May 11, 2010 
Union Arts 
15 W. Union Street, #101B 
Athens, OH 
Admission is free 

A one-act version of the play was a finalist in the Perishable Theatre’s International Women’s Playwriting Festival, and was workshopped with Ohio University BFA actors in May 2009 under the direction of company member Shelley Delaney.  The Brick Monkey reading of Occupation will be the first public presentation of the full-length version of the play that is still in development.