FICTION at Brick Monkey

Brick Monkey Theater Ensemble is proud to perform a staged reading of Fiction by Steven Dietz.

Fiction is a provocative examination of the life and loves of two successful, married writers.  Linda and Michael thrive on the give-and-take of their unusually honest relationship.  But when they decide to share their journals, the boundaries between past and present, fact and fiction, trust and betrayal begin to break down.  No life, it turns out, is an open book.  To quote the play, “The lies begin when you lift the pen.”

FICTION by Steven Dietz.

Director: David Haugen
Actors: Dennis Delaney, Shelley Delaney, Kate Scholl.
Location:  Glidden Recital Hall on the Ohio University campus.
Time: 7:00 pm, March 9, 2010
Admission is free.