ROUNDING THIRD at Brick Monkey

Septemerber 3-6, 2009:

Rounding Third by Richard Dresser

Opening Thursday, September 3 through Sunday, September 6, 2009 at Stuart’s Opera House on the Square in Nelsonville, OH. See below for ticket information.

Rounding Third is a hilarious look at two well-intentioned fathers and their very different approaches to coaching a little league baseball team.

The ball field becomes a battlefield in Richard Dresser’s hilarious comedy as two mismatched little league coaches lead their team of aspiring big leaguers from their first tentative meeting of the spring to the climactic championship game. Don is the tough, blue-collar, win-at-all-costs veteran coach whose son is the star pitcher. Michael, the newcomer both to the town and to baseball, is a white-collar executive who agrees to be Don’s assistant because he wants to share a special activity with his athletically inept son. Michael believes that the job of the coaches is to shield the kids from the intense pressure of competition while making sure everyone has a good time, while Don is coaching for only one
reason: to win. Out of these conflicting philosophies, the real issues of the play emerge: how should we raise our children? Since we live in such a ferociously competitive society, do we protect our children as long as possible? Or do we prepare them to be tough enough to win? And what does it mean to be an American man?

This two-person play enjoyed a successful off-Broadway run at the John Houseman Theatre after regional productions in Chicago, Laguna Beach, and the Old Globe in San Diego. It will be Brick Monkey’s inaugural production.

The play contains some language that may not be suitable for children.

Tickets are available now at Stuart’s Opera House: